Monday, March 19, 2018

DIY Rapid Video Creation for Everyone and Every Purpose

Create a STUNNING professional looking teaching video, vibrant video story and video animation on the fly.

Do you want to create a stunning video story, video montage, or video animation? Or do you want to produce teaching video for your online course? What’s stopping you? Not tech-savvy? No time? No way?

Worry not! Creating video content nowadays is unbelievably easy and straightforward even for non-tech savvy.  It could be fun as well! Trust me on this.

I’m inviting you to join my new brand course, ‘DIY Rapid Video Creation for Everyone and Every Purpose’ which has just launched on Udemy! It covers 7 FREE web-based applications, 22 lessons delivered in 2.5 hours. It is designed for everyone.

Yes, creating video content nowadays is unbelievably easy and straightforward even for non-tech savvy. It could be fun as well! With just one click of the mouse, you can create a teaching video by recording anything displayed on your computer screen.

Why would you want to create video content for teaching or instruction purposes? Imagine your students can listen to you speaking while they are on the bus, walking to the gym or doing their chores. If you have watched a video tutorial on YouTube or other video sharing sites, then you should appreciate the value of these resources in education. All you need is a simple web-based application or an app.

This module will provide hands-on training on how to produce screencasts and rapid video content and discover how these tools can effectively enhance the teaching and learning environment of your courses. 

I'm going to cover SEVEN important applications in this course—four applications (Loom, Screencastify, Go Video, Soapbox) for screencasting (screen recording) and three applications (Lumen5, Biteable, Adobe Spark) for creating a video montage, video animation and video story. They are all FREE, web-based (nothing to install) and simple and intuitive. They are relatively new applications but increasingly popular because of their simplicity and the stunning quality of the products.

Don't hesitate...start learning with me now! 

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