Teacher Makes a Difference

Being an educator is a big responsibility. I believe that a good and responsible educator can make an impact to one’s life in a positive way. It is important to have empathy and reaching out to our students, try to understand and help them with their problems. I believe that building close rapport with students is important because it allows the students and teacher to relate to each other. Establishing close rapport with students enable me to engage them in reciprocal conversation about their activities and interests.

Talking about making a difference as a teacher, I was touched and inspired when I watched a movie “Making a Difference” on the internet. The movie was created from a fictional story written by Elizabeth Silance Ballard published in 1974 by Home Life Magazine as “Three Letters from Teddy”. Here’s the quote from the last scene in the movie: “You can never tell what type of impact you may have on another’s life by your action’s…or lack of action. Please consider this fact when you venture through life, and just try to make a difference in someone else’s life today”. Watch the movie here.

Here's another video on how teacher can make a difference and a lasting impact on one's life: