Envisioning the Future of Learning

Here's sharing my recorded presentation "Envisioning the Future of Learning'. You have 2.5 hours to spare? This presentation is presented to you by The Centre for Development of Academic Excellence (CDAE), Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.

What is your vision for the future of learning? Do we share a common vision? Do you have to gaze into a crystal ball to look at what the future of learning looks like? Well, not exactly. The future is already here, at our doorstep. Globalization, the digital revolution, and advancements in our understanding of brain-based learning all present new opportunities and challenges for today’s educators. Education technology, social media, neurocognitive approach to learning, collaborative and connected learning and the rise of well connected society is transforming the established concept of learning, teachers’ roles and even the nature of knowledge itself. A radical and dynamic shift in mindset is critically needed to create profound, systemic change in our education. Indeed, we now have a legitimate opportunity, not just to reform the education system as has been attempted for decades, but to fundamentally transform it.

This presentation will examine some significant disruptive forces and trends that will reshape learning over the next decade. Responding to them with creativity rather than fear will be critical to preparing all learners for an uncertain future.