Building Online Learning Content Using Flowboard & Storify

Hi folks! Here's an exciting FREE new iPad app, Flowboard -- similar to Tactilize but the biggest advantage is you can have multiple 'screens' (or slides in PPT lingo, cards in Tactilize). Screen can be linked non-linearly. The same can be done for any object on the screen. You can use Flowboard to prepare a presentation on the iPad. Just flip to move to the next screen. With creativity you can use this app in many ways. For example, I use Flowboard to prepare a Glossary. This is then linked to my Storify. A unique combination of tools to produce learning content. Have a look. 

--First the Flowboard:
--This is linked to my topic on 'Crystallization in Foods' in Storify. Look for the hyperlink word 'supersaturation'.
-- The same content in my Flowboard prepared in Tactilize.

I hope you'll find this useful.


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