What Reviewers and Editors Want?

This morning I gave a talk, "Getting Your Manuscript Published: What Reviewers and Editors Want?" to a group of 40 graduate students. The talk was organized by the Institute of Postgraduate Studies (IPS), Universiti Sains Malaysia as part of the Professional and Personal Development Programme. The programme aims to increase students’ knowledge, soft skills, ability and credibility in order to develop them to compete and progress both academically and in the future workplace. This talk is actually the fourth one this month on a theme of writing scientific publication (my previous talks can be found in my previous article).

Briefly, I covered these topics:
  • Duties of editors, reviewers, and authors
  • What is “peer review” and its brief history
  • Objectives & process of peer review
  • What editors & reviewers are looking for?
  • Surviving the peer review process
The presentation can be viewed and download from Slideshare (link below).

Getting Your Manuscript Published: What Reviewers and Editors Want


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