Hone Your Scientific Presentation Skill

This is the first article I write on my beloved iPad 2. I hope in the next article I can write about iPad 2 and how educators can leverage on its awesome features. I bought this amazing thingy on the day it was launched but I had to wait for another 2 weeks because it was out of stock (I came in the afternoon). Although Apple would not pay me any commission or offer any discount, I have to confess that this is simply the best buy of the year, worth every single penny! This iPad 2 has exceeded my expectation and now I can say that its value is worth more than what I have paid. Well, I hope to share with you soon 10 reasons why educators should get an iPad 2. Watch out!

For now, I would like to share what I was reading (of course, on my iPad) recently. Here I would like to share a page on Science website about scientific presentation skill. On this webpage you will find many useful links on various topics on presentation skill. This is one area where all educators and scientists should try to improve because communicating science requires not only deep knowledge of the subject (content knowledge) but also the skill to deliver it in a clear and engaging manner.

The link: Scientific Presentation