Learn while having fun!

Learn while having fun - If learning is about problem-solving and skills mastery, what greater way to accomplish this than by using games and simulations to help us teach and learn? By “doing” and by collaborating, it has been repeatedly shown that people learn more and retain that knowledge longer over time. Students are actively involved in the process of working a problem through to solution. I experiment with this idea using my e-learning portal as a delivery medium. I set up different types of interactive games: crossword, quizzes, matching pairs, groupings, and word game.

Through my e-learning portal or my wikis (Physical Properties of Food and Food Ingredients), I add some elements of fun in the form of interactive crossword puzzle, word game (akin to Wheel of Fortune – see picture above – try it out yourself), interactive quizzes, matching correct pairs, grouping items into correct category, etc.. These add another dimension to my teaching while offering the students a multitude of learning approaches. My students really enjoyed the games!!

Here are some feedbacks from the students (verbatim):

“The word game was fun and mind boggling. Very interesting! With the clock ticking, my heart couldn't stop a beat and there was no time to refer to notes in order to answer the questions as fast as possible before time out. I wouldn't consider this game as childish because at times I'm a kid at heart too. Ha ha.. We can't be all that serious at all times, can we?”

“For the word game, I would say it's really an interesting game. Even though I had searched the lecture notes several times, I was still not able to solve the puzzle. It really made me think repeatedly what suitable letter should be put into the box”


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