A lasting faculty-student relationship

In this video, Dr. Paris Butler talks about how  close relationships with faculty, like his relationship with biology professor Dr. Darwin Jorgensen is very useful in enriching his learning experience and helping him to make the right career choice.


  1. Dear Prof. Abd Karim

    First and foremost, thank you for your very interesting and insightful presentation today in the 25th Post-Graduate Colloquium of School of Management.
    It was really an honor to attend your talk and learn from your years of academic experience. More importantly, the chance to take part in interactive discussions with you and other audience in words, as well as by using the real-time polling/voting system was something which made the presentation even more fun and rewarding. To be honest, I had came across this real-time voting few years back in UK in some youth-led conferences where they used the PPVote system (http://www.ppvote.com/) and I really like it. [I hope we can see similar technologies in the talks and presentations at USM. So thanks for being a pioneer on that.]
    Anyways, thanks again for delivering a talk for our school. I hope we get the chance to hear more form you in our future events and colloquiums.

    Best Regards,
    Mostafa Nejati

  2. Hi Mostafa, many thanks for the kind and encouraging words. It was a risky experiment but it turned out very well. Actually I expected more interaction...but overall I enjoyed the session. I will put up the whole presentation maybe early next year...now leaving for holiday with my family.

  3. Thanks Prof. once again. I don't know why some of our school mates felt shy to interact or raise their voice to give inputs. I am glad I was not one of them. Happy holidays. I wish you a very prosperous new year. :-)

  4. I'm reading your posting away from home but luckily Malaysia is fully wired - thus I can still read the blog postings. Wishing you a wonderful and productive new year.


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