The Don'ts of PowerPoint

I have listened to countless presentations and I would say that 99% of them are....dull and boring! The problem is not with the software - whether it is Microsoft PowerPoint or Apple Keynote - it boils down to the presentation and the presenter. Here's is a funny video "How NOT to do PowerPoint" by Don McMillan - it may be funny but he correctly highlighted many pitfalls of "modern" day presentation. We can learn something from him...

Here's another one (more recent one with more jokes on using PowerPoint).


  1. Very interesting and cool, As you said, still we can see many similar "don't s" in the presentations nowadays.

  2. Giving presentation is a skill that we need to learn, refine and polish. Some people are born talented but most people (myself included) have to learn the hard way. As long as we have a desire to improve, we will only get better.


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