Mentoring the Aspiring Young Academics

Young academics? How young? Well, it doesn't really matter. One can be young by age, or by year of service in the academic or educational institutions.

I have a mission to accomplish. I have been teaching at the university (Universiti Sains Malaysia) close to 22 years now. It was a journey with lots of ups and downs, a fair share of disappointment and failures but with lots of joy and satisfaction as well. Reflecting on my journey, I realised that I'm here now because I have been blessed with kind colleagues and mentors who guided and supported me in many different ways. No man is an island...

I have a mission to accomplish. I want to play a more active role to help young academics who are still struggling to find their footing in the academic world. They need guidance to facilitate their journey. They need mentors to share their experience and wisdom to keep them on the right track. These mentors should be sincere and honest to lend their ear and hand, to listen and to talk, to advise and to critique—without any vested interest or hidden agenda.

In my effort to help inspire and guide new academics, I decided to create a Facebook group, "Aspiring Young Academics", as an avenue to discuss issues, exchange ideas, share resources, and provide support. Please feel free to invite your colleagues to join this group.


  1. What an appealing presentation and a wonderful idea. If we can mentor young people and make the most of their talents, the future is much brighter.


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